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Welcome To Salon Boujie

Welcome Ladies, and thank you for becoming a Salon Boujie Insider. We would like to express my love to my continuing clients as well as new clients that continue to support our Brand. WE know Your wondering, Why we’re no longer known as Boujie Babes? So we would like to tell you guys a little history of when we started the Brand. The Brand was actually formed back in 2010 and we were attracting clients from all over the tri state area, we didn’t have one specific type of client at the time so we were unaware of what type of merchandise to sell. We didn't want to appeal to one group and leave the other feeling left out. When we came up with "Boujie" because we realized how one woman felt when living the chair from getting their hair done. It was as if woman felt instantly transformed and was given a boost of self confidence. The name Babe was how a man would refer to a woman when he felt attracted to her. And there it was BOOM! the name was born “Boujie Babes” I could say in that time I was a new business owner and also learning a strong sense of self awareness . I have now began to do some analyzing and see that I am building a high Profile Salon as well as brand. So with that being said we will no longer refer to our salon business as Babe. We are Powerful beings and so are our clients. With Covid-19 creating change for everyone impacting lives and small business owners around the world. We were grateful that our Business had survived. So I’m honored to say our new Salon name is “Salon Boujie” which has attracted more self assured woman and also has become a woman’s cave for beauty. I’m excited for what the Brand is turning into and would love for you guys to continue on this journey with us. We are not disowning the name "Boujie Babes" for I have a new meaning and use for the term as you all shall see...

With Love & Much Gratitude

Proprietor/ Mane Expert