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The Salon Is too expensive, I'm coloring my own hair!

Ladies I would like to take a minute and speak with you about coloring your own hair at home especially with box color. Yes, we know the salon can be expensive. However, ladies its 2022 and we want to live well, look well and be well. Gone are the days of being in the kitchen doing your own hair or even worse having your homegirl experiment on your hair with bleach and 40 volume peroxide you brought from amazon or better yet sally's and blowing your cuticles to the Atlantic ocean. We know! you used to do hair back in the day and so on and so forth us stylist have heard it all. I have seen so many clients over the years having to visit the salon and get color correction because of using box color turning their hair in to that horrific pumpkin orange color. And if you would like to just grind my gears straight to the moon, go on make yourself believe that this new "pumpkin orange" color you achieved through box color is Blonde hair. ITS NOT!!!!

Hey, I hate to break it to you "but" this is not blonde hair and this color screams color correction, run to your nearest salon and get this fixed now... no more reading go NOW! Ok, so now that we got that out of the way. Lets take some things into consideration before you go destroying the integrity of your hair trying to get platinum blonde because you've watch a YouTube video vlogger color her hair ( that's a later topic ). Before we do that God awful thing lets first ask ourself these questions.

  1. Is your hair in the best of shape to to achieve the blonde that you desire?

Knowing the history of your hair of your own hair is a good place to start. Stylist like me love when clients are knowledgeable when it comes to their own hair and if not be open and willing to listen and learn from your licensed stylist. You should know what your allergic to, many hair dyes have chemicals that woman develop allergies to unknowingly. So knowing the health of your scalp or any conditions you may have is a plus. Having hydrated hair strands and a great scalp puts you in a good position to began your blonde hair journey.

2. Is your hair virgin, relaxed, or pre colored?